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Leather dressing, Soap making, Manufacturing of lubricants, Treatment of skin diseases.
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Karanja Oil

Karanja oil is pressed from the seeds of the Pongam tree. It is often referred to as a cousin of neem due to its similar therapeutic properties and ayurvedic benefits. The karanja tree (pongamia glabra syn pongamia pinnate) is found through out India and has been used for over a thousand years for its medicinal properties. Karanja oil is widely used as a pesticide. Foliage sprays of karanja oil are effective against hosts of pests.Field trials of mixtures of neem oil and karanja Oil have shown excellent results against pests and even viruses. Karanja oil is highly demanded in the market because of its extremely versatile nature that can be used as a moisturising ingredient in any beauty product.

Key features

  • Non Refined
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors


  • Heals aging, damaged, dry and cracked skin.
  • Used for general skincare and lip care.
  • Treats brittle and damaged hair and removes dandruff
  • Ensures optimum utilization of natural resources and helps in conserving them for future generation
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